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"High school!AU Castiel is trying to study in the library but Dean keeps distracting him. Cas props up a book in Dean's lap for 'privacy' and he slowly caresses Dean's cock as punishment because Dean has to stifle his gasp when he comes in the quiet library. (◕‿◕✿)"

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oh fuckkkk 

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do u ever turn the volume on your music up until u reach the perfect level of ah yes i cannot hear anything else and it feels like a big warm hug

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"Lolita is sexual. Literally. The definition of lolita is a sexually attractive adolescent girl. It's not just a cute 'kawaii' fashion statement. You can't sexualise something that is already sexual by default."

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Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Literally. If I got a dollar for every person who thought this because they couldn’t be assed to do their research, I’d be a happy girl indeed.

Lolita is a book written by Vladimir Nabokov about a girl named Dolores Haze, but her nickname is Lolita. The protagonist of Lolita falls in love with Dolores despite him being 42 and her being 12. He is a pedophile who abuses, rapes and takes sexual advantage of her after becoming her stepfather.

Lolita FASHION is something else entirely. Lolita FASHION is a fashion trend that started in Harajuku, inspired by victorian fashion, victorian dolls, sailor dresses and femininity, and most of all, self-expression. It has NOTHING to do with the book by the same name. The only thing they share is their name. Lolita FASHION has nothing to do with sex, because it’s just that; A FASHION. 

Lolita is a term misguided and misinformed people (such as yourself) use about attractive girls when, in truth, it stems from a book about a pedophile rapist.

Do your research before you try to start a discussion on something you have no clue about. There is absolutely no reason for you to be this much of an arrogant know-it-all when you haven’t even done the research to back up your arguments. Don’t be overconfident before you’re 100% certain that you’re right. 

Can I just add a thing here

When my mum heard about / discovered that this weird fashion I started trying to wear at 16 was called “lolita,” she had a miniature heart attack. She thought I didn’t understand that that word was used in the wrong context often. She thought that the fashion was intended to be sexual and that I was too naive to understand that, and that I just took it to be a cute fashion. Here’s the thing tho: it IS just a cute fashion. And after explaining this, she was then worried that other gross people would sexualise me against my will or target me and therefore I shouldn’t be wearing it.

Wrong. It is other people’s fault for sexualising me, not mine. It is never my fault, if I am sexualised against my will. It is never anybody’s fault.

Especially when, personally, I liked the idea of lolita because it was so darn sweet and elegant, and in my opinion, so not-sexually-charged in a world that shoved sex in my face every day. It was a breath of fresh air. I’ve had more sexual connotations associated with me when I was fucking 12 and wore a tank top and shorts to grade 7 orientation on a hot summers day and everyone who didn’t know my name called me ~the girl with the boobs~ for two years straight. Like ????

And then we fast forward to when I met my dad’s partner and she heard about lolita and had a minature heart attack because, in juxtaposition to my mum, it was so adorable, she couldn’t believe it. In her native culture, Lolita was a nickname for Dolores and had little-to-no sexual connotations with it. She even, if my memory serves me right, mentioned that lolita or dolly was just something you called sweet young girls. So the word was really fitting and it was all just so sweet and cute. She even pronounces it with a Spanish accent despite having an Australian accent because that’s what you do with totally native words.

So I’m emphasising a cultural difference here.

And here’s my thing, here’s a bit of TL;DR:

Have pedophiles and misogynist pigs who sexualise young girls seriously infiltrated every aspect of our society that it is somehow more fucking plausible that girls who want to dress in cute and feminine fashion are doing so because they want to be sexualised? Or that they should expect to be sexualised? Is that what people are saying now? That girls cannot take charge over their lives and their aesthetic for one god damned second before being, yet again, sexualised in every aspect of their being?

I don’t want to use ‘you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t’ but hey, that’s all I can muster up right now because I feel like I’m on a different fricking planet.

And, as a not-so-subtle side note, if you don’t think mainstream porn and it’s culture has something to do with this, you are dead wrong.

Amazing new concept: If girls want to be sexual, they can be sexual. If they don’t, they don’t. Either fucking way it is impossible to win when mainstream society oversexualises young girls and their fashion in an ~adult way~ and if you somehow take a different path you’re fetishised as an ~innocent sex nymph doll~ like where the fuck do we draw the line?

I will tell you where we draw the god damned line: where ever the fuck the girl in question draws her own m o t h er fricking line.


"Dean and Cas arguing over who's stronger/more manly"

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"Come on, Cas, we both know I could kick your ass." 

"That is ridiculous. I am an extraterrestrial being with infinite power and strength. I could wipe you off the planet with a thought." 

"You’re cute when you try to act all tough." 

Dean’s body slammed against the wall, and a pair of warm lips crashed against his. Rough hands slid down his sides and under the waist of his pants, tugging and stroking as a wet tongue explored Dean’s mouth. The hunter moaned softly and carded a hand through Cas’ hair, only to have his wrists pinned against the wall by the angel’s grace while his fingers roamed every inch of his body. The lips traveled to his neck, kissing, licking, and sucking until little purple bruises appeared. 

"C-Cas…" Dean moaned, fighting against the invisible bonds that held him in place. Castiel silenced him with another kiss and cupped Dean’s bulge in his hand, stroking him through the fabric and rocking their bodies together until Dean whimpered and trembled and pleaded for release. Moments before being sent over the edge, Cas stopped, and the grace freed Dean’s wrists, but the angel still kept him pinned with his gaze. 

"You’re not as strong as you think you are, Dean Winchester," he murmured before skulking away, leaving Dean breathless and aching for more. 

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but also

cas kissing his way down dean’s body, wanting him to finally feel like he’s loved and wanted and needed

dean moving on the bed, turning away because he doesn’t want this, doesn’t want to waste cas on himself when cas deserves so much better than someone as broken as him but he can’t…

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Cas, in the last episode, was giving Dean a cold shoulder, he wasn’t super thrilled to see him, being kicked out of the bunker without explanation. How is he feeling about him right now. [x]

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Dean and Castiel sitting in a tree
First comes the deal
Then comes Perdition
Then comes years of emotional and physical longing because your relationship wouldn’t be socially acceptable (but since when have you two ever complied with rules?) I swear to God if you don’t kiss right the fuck now I’m going to push you both out of this tree and Dean will “accidentally” fall on Cas’ dick
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

im seeing people getting sad about misha hate so…

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lemme tell yall lil story about the logic of misha haters and why you should ignore them:

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The noises Castiel makes in bed drive Dean crazy. Castiel isn’t a talker, he isn’t vocal like that but that doesn’t mean he isn’t responsive.

He moans when Dean licks his cock, hands buried in Dean’s hair. He whimpers when Dean’s fingers are in him, a noise that Dean…


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